SWFTCharge Festival FAQ’s


I purchased a charger and I was unhappy with the service. Can I have a refund?

We stand by our product and service. If you are dissatisfied, we will be more than happy to issue you a refund at the festival. Please note all sales are final after the festival is done!

Does this work with all types of phones?

Yes, our chargers work the both iPhones and Androids (micro-usb and USB-C).

How many times can I swap the chargers?

You can swap as many times as you want, we offer unlimited swaps… think of it like free refills!

What is the mAH of the chargers?

The chargers are 5500 mAh

How long do the chargers last?

The charging capability of the charger varies based on the size of the phone, screen time while charging and other factors. Generally, it can provide 2 full charges and up.

Can I use it at home?

You most certainly can! Your charger comes with a micro-usb port on the side and cable for you to charge it at home.

What events will you be at?

Take a look on the festivals tab to get a full list of festivals we will be attending this year.

I bought a charger at another festival, can I use the service at a different festival?

We value returning customers. If you bring back your SWFTCharger to any other festival we will be at, you will have access to our member deal of $25 for the weekend pass!

Is this the same as the lockers?

No, we are a separate entity than locker rentals and do not swap chargers acquired through the locker program

Are your booths open 24 hours?

Unfortunately we can’t last as long as our chargers, so our booths do close at night. However, our hours of operation are between 11-12 hours per day and specific times vary depending on venue.